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If you are curious to take advantage of the current market situation and begin trading online, you should begin to cooperate with the promising broker EXANTE. According to their website, they refer to themselves as an investment company, however, the portfolio of their services is more diverse than the title would suggest. This broker allows you to conveniently access the Forex market like any other alternative online broker. Moreover, EXANTE allows you to explore countless interesting options. Have a look at the closer analysis below. Here it is possible to find some exclusive information not mentioned in any other EXANTE broker reviews.

More information about Exante company

History of the EXANTE broker

EXANTE was established in 2011. The headquarters are located in London. However, there are representative offices all over the world.

The Global Hedge Capital Fund was the mother-company of EXANTE. Alexei Kiriyenko was the founder of the broker, he collected his experience as a successful trader in the beginning of the 2000s. Vladimir Maslyakov and Anatoly Knyazev were responsible for the technical part of the company.

Broker regulation

There is not a trader who would not be interested in the reliability of the broker he works with. Luckily for you EXANTE is a broker with an excellent reputation. It complies with the following financial watchdogs:

  • FCA (UK)

  • SFC (Hong Kong)

  • MFSA

  • CySEC

Also, it is important to note that the broker does not use the money of the clients to conduct his own operations. Implying that the broker's and clients' funds are held separately. Moreover, the representatives of the broker do not have direct access to them. This is valuable to keep in mind as if the broker goes bankrupt the money of the clients is still safe and secured. To ensure even greater security, the funds are distributed among multiple banks, instead of being put in a single place.

Terms of trading for the broker

Considering trading conditions, this company ranks among the industry leaders. It is possible to try examining yourself by having a look at the reviews published online.

  • Their strength is the fact that it is possible to trade on the main markets worldwide from a single account. Registration with the broker gants you access with stock exchanges such as HKEX, NYSE, MOEX, CBOE, NYMEX in addition to key European markets

  • The platform allows you to trade with more than 150,000 different instruments. It is possible to trade with your preferred instrument, choosing from the available: stocks, currency pairs, commodities, options, futures, digital currencies and so on.

  • The minimum amount required to start trading for individuals is €10,000, however, the minimum amount for corporate clients is at least €50,000.

  • The currencies supported by the platform include not only the US dollar, the UK pound, the Japanese yen, but also other currencies.

  • For currency pairs, spreads start from 0.3 points on the currency pair EUR/USD. As for other majors, it’s a bit higher, although still below 1.0 points. In the reviews, traders confirm that the spread is really small;

  • Leverages are dependent on the particular instrument of choice. Highly liquid stocks provide leverage starting from 20%. When discussing currency pairs, it begins from approximately 5%. Cryptocurrencies have a set leverage at 100%. The official resource will allow you to become more closely acquainted with the particular digital currency.

  • If your account is valued at more than €100,000 it is possible to take part in an IPO.

  • In situations where the deposit is larger than €50,000, the EXANTE brokerage company provides the opportunity to divide the deposit between two different terminals.

As you see, you can greatly benefit from broad collaboration with Alexey Kirienko and EXANTE. Don’t delay your closer acquaintance with the broker till tomorrow.

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